Buffalo Roam

Santa Fe Weird:


Santa Fe sculptor Don Kennell has just completed another stunning art project, guaranteed to keep people talking about our planet and how to preserve its unique wonders, natural environments and natural resources. The three buffalo, now watching the world from their post in the parking lot of La Puerta Originals on New Mexico State Highway 14, will soon head for their new home at the Bison Ridge Recreation Center in Commerce City, Colorado northeast of Denver.




Buffalo Tripping

Don and his committed and highly skilled crew crafted the buffalo from recycled car hoods collected from junkyards around New Mexico. By reducing, reusing and recycling materials, Don also creates a catalyst for conversation among viewers who participate in what is far more than an art exhibit. Indeed, it’s an interactive art experience. People often recognize a hood, maybe they had an old Toyota like that, Don says, and that draws them into the public discussion that his art prompts. “We want to crack people’s hearts open. To stir them so they respond,” he explains.

Just want to hug him.

The addition of recycled car hoods adds the perfect touch of irony to the subject of carbon footprint reduction.

Our world is a beautiful and joyful place. The whimsical nature of Don’s creative critters – the Green Coyote at Meow Wolf, which scores of people have seen – underscores that. These creatures should not be stalked by hunters competing for contest bounties.

Don’s buffaloes will soon roam in a recycled park, complete with native grasses, where toxic material was once produced. These iconic beasts – as American as the eagles that soar freely above them - are a symbol to us all that the American West still represents the freedom that we seek and cherish but must work to maintain.

There’s another important project underway in Don’s studio. A polar bear, standing on his hind legs, is being built. The bear – along with other fantastic art – will participate in the Burning Man That’s what polar bears do when they stand on their hind legs and scout the horizon for a seal steak, or unfortunately, another chunk of ice where the polar bears can lay back, relax and enjoy their dinner.

More on all of this as time goes by. Don’s Big Art needs our support. Come to think of it, so does our home: Planet Earth.


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