Jeffrey Deaver Workshop


Novelist Jeff Deaver presented a workshop in Denver this past spring, where he shared tips he has developed over his lengthy career. Deaver has written more than thirty novels, three collections of short stories and a non-fiction law book. (He has a law degree.)

The workshop was hosted by the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers, Mystery Writers of America and Sisters in Crime.

Deaver covered many topics in his day log workshop entitled, “Writing Commercial Fiction.”

The best-selling author reminded those in attendance that books bring people together. Both novels and short stories require the reader to think. Noble ideas but writing is difficult.

New fiction writers must decide where fiction fits into their lives. Above all, they must write the best book they can.

Fiction has structure. One must follow the rules, Deaver pointed out. The four elements of a novel are: plot or story, characters, setting and dialogue. He also highly recommended that writers continue their education, honing their craft as they write. In the end, one should take pride in what they’ve written.

All in all, good advice and an enjoyable workshop.

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