A Shot or Not?

President Biden recently rolled up his sleeve on TV, getting his third shot, in his case a booster, to protect him from the coronavirus. But the photo-op wasn’t really about boosters, according to CBS News. It was the president’s way of encouraging more Americans to get vaccinated against the corona virus. That’s right: Get shots one and two. Seems two out of three Americans have gotten at least one shot, leaving a quarter not vaccinated.

Those of us who have been vaccinated are wondering what to do next. The FDA has not recommended that all America roll up their sleeves for a booster. Only those over 65 years of age and those with some pre-existing conditions should get a booster. Not all of us can get a booster because we can’t mix and match Pfizer with Moderna or Johnson & Johnson. Pfizer is the only vaccine that has received FDA approval for its booster. All of which has prompted an epidemic of head scratching.

In the meantime, health employees in some states are refusing to get vaccinated despite mandates. Their refusal is threatening to shut down health care in their states. Some states continue to politicize the issue. Remember the Alamo! No mandates here! And some employers are requiring employees to get vaccinated – get tested – or get out. Some, who insist on avoiding pricks, are leaving.

When is it all going to end? I for one am sick of it. And I know I’m not alone.

One of my cousins recently came down with Covid like symptoms despite being vaccinated. Alarmed, she had recently been around her 93-year-old dad, she tried desperately to make an appointment to get tested. Most places were booked up for weeks. She finally found a clinic that could get her in immediately. The visit took three hours. She was tested for Covid and the flu. Thankfully, both tests were negative. “It was so annoying,” she said.

Again, I ask: When is it all going to end? You get a simple bug like my cousin, and, if you’re conscientious, you do what you can to make certain you haven’t infected others. But it isn’t easy.

I’d get a booster if I could. But I’m a Moderna person, so I must wait until the FDA approves Moderna’s data. According to NBC News, the FDA is working with Moderna. But, even if I get the booster, will I be fully protected?

As we approach winter and the flu season, why can’t we come together and get vaccinated so we can move on, and get this behind us? More Americans have died in this pandemic than died in the Spanish flu one hundred years ago.

Our failure to do so is not something to crow about. Indeed, it is totally out of character in a nation that prides itself on – “United We Stand Divided We Fall.”

Enuff said.

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