Answers – Finally

As of Saturday, May 9, 2020, we still don’t know much about the coronavirus, primarily how to stop the spread of the pandemic, which has infected 1,300,991 Americans and killed 78,361. We don’t know what to do about our economy, also devastated by the pandemic. America has lost 20.5 million jobs. But we do have answers to two questions asked earlier.

If a mask is not simply a mask, what is it? Fashion statement? Political statement? Disguise? Protective Gear?

It’s a political statement, visual shorthand according to NBC News, which lets fellow travelers know where you stand on key issues. Those issues include individualism – don’t tell me what to do. Respect for others – I don’t care if I make you sick, you’re probably a Democrat, anyway.

And, even more important, a bare face is like a bare a –. It lets others know whose side you’re on. The face mask has replaced the “Make America Great Again” hat as the political symbol for the 2020 Presidential campaign.

Now, the latter is subject to change. Some Trump aides have reportedly ordered Trump branded red face masks, but they haven’t shown them to the boss yet, which brings us to the answer to the second question. Why doesn’t Trump wear a mask?

He didn’t wear one when he visited a mask factory in Alabama last week even though all the mask makers did, or when it was announced that two White House staffers had tested positive for Covid-19.

The president thinks wearing a mask makes him look ridiculous. He also told intimates that a ridiculous Trump would be used in negative campaign ads. Asking for an investigation into the medical possibilities of ingesting bleach wouldn’t look or sound ridiculous at all. As far as we know that matter remains under investigation.

Trump also claims that wearing a mask would send the wrong message, tell voters that he’s more worried about their lives and health than getting the economy up and running again. Dead men mostly don’t vote, so that makes sense. Dead women, too, mostly don’t vote. Unless, of course, they get a write-in ballot from the Democrats.

Can dead men or dead women get work and return our economy to Trump greatness? Sure, ghost writers, ghost riders, apparitions, ghouls and phantoms work all the time, not just on Halloween.

Besides, bodies could become a natural resource, raw material for funeral directors, crematoriums and cemeteries, all of which would boost the American economy. Cemeteries might fill up. That would tempt the climate changers to bellow. But climate change, like the pandemic, is a hoax. The president has told us so out of both sides of his mouth.

Plenty of reasons for President Trump to appear bald faced – yeah, he’s still wearing his orange pancake makeup – but he’s up front, in our face, leading us, his warriors, if not toward destiny than certainly to a destination resort. Maybe even a Trump hotel.

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