Bare Arms Now

We’re not talking Second Amendment or self-defense in the age of anarchy, an age filled with thugs hidden in dark shadows, all Biden people according to President Trump. In other words, shoot them – the thugs – before they shoot you. No, we’re talking vaccines. Saving a life. So, roll up your sleeves and bare your arms now, one of them.

The Centers for Disease Control has told states to prepare for large scale distribution of a Covid-19 vaccine by November, a month known for Thanksgiving, yes, but also for Election Day. Drug giant Pfizer even announced that it may have a vaccine ready by the end of October. That’s Halloween. Trick or Treat? We’re not sure. Do not put your Grim Reaper Halloween costumes up just yet.

The timing of the CDC announcement prompts a number of questions from the experts, the skeptics, and, of course, the Fake News.

Where would the vaccines be stored? Hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, drug stores or polling places? If the vaccine is administered at polling places, should people who use mail-in ballots be allowed into a polling place to get a vaccine? Vaccinations should not be rigged like mail in voting. What about citizens who vote twice? President Trump just recommended that residents of North Carolina vote twice – once via mail, then in person. Should people who vote twice get one or two vaccines?

What about the other states? Should they be encouraged to vote twice? Should people who live in “Anarchist Jurisdictions,” President Trump’s name for Democratic controlled cities, be allowed to vote at all or get a vaccine? What should the requirements be for those Americans who cannot or do not plan to vote?

Who should get the vaccine first? Those most vulnerable? Seniors? People with pre-existing conditions? Like diabetes, heart disease, lung diseases? What about paranoia? People who fear that thugs in dark shadows along with bureaucrats in the Deep Swamp are out to get them might be diagnosed as paranoid. Is paranoia a pre-existing condition?

How safe is a new vaccine? “It’s extremely critical that we have rigorous evidence of safety and effectiveness supporting a vaccine before the FDA gives its okay, said Patricia Zettler, a law professor who used to work at the Food and Drug Administration. Three experimental vaccine candidates are in the final stage of clinical trials, but it can take several months for the FDA to vet them.

In that case, maybe President Trump would like to roll up his sleeve first. His re-election campaign has provided a fact sheet regarding our Commander-in-Chief’s efforts to stop the China Flu. “My administration will stop at nothing to save lives and shield the vulnerable,” That does not mean our commander has to wear a mask. A superhero usually has an invisible shield protecting him from his enemies, the masked men and women in the dark shadows, all thugs.

But we need to bear in mind as we wait for word on a presidential vaccine, Trump’s sister, Maryanne Trump Barry, says he hired another student to take his S.A.T. back when he entered college. And that dementia test Trump boasted about a few weeks back, the one he aced, what guarantee do we have that he did not hire someone to take his dementia test for him? His niece Mary Trump told comedian Stephen Colbert that bragging about passing a dementia test could be a sign. A sign of what? That you have dementia, said she.

As concerned Americans, what can we do? Keep the Grim Reaper costume handy. As of September 2, the U.S. had recorded more than six million cases of Covid-19. More than 190,000 Americans have died because of it. Vaccines that do not work can lead to death, also. That’s not a joke or a hoax.

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