Buzz Cut, Pig Tails or Braids?

As of Sunday, May 17, 2020 – One-point-five million Americans have been diagnosed with Covid-19. The death toll continues to climb, also, reaching 89,498. Most states have reopened some businesses and other places ordered shut to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Each state is different, so the rules vary, prompting questions.

I live in New Mexico, where our governor has allowed churches to reopen. But only twenty-five percent of the congregation will be allowed in for services. A pandemic is a time for prayer. But, how will the decision be made as to whom to allow in? The pious? Or sinners? People whose souls are in critical condition certainly should be given priority treatment or so it seems, but………

In the meantime, many Americans are wondering when they can get a haircut? A bad hair day beats spending time on a ventilator any day, but many Americans are stressed. Their hair is too long; it’s hot. Or, their hair is falling into their faces, preventing them from seeing or being seen. Do you really need a mask when you’re behind a natural wall of hair?

There are solutions to this stressor: Buzz cut, pig tails or braids. Oh, yes, and ponytails. They’re not just for women anymore. Like every other solution required by the pandemic, this one has side effects, also. Certainly, clippers, razors and scissors are readily available.

But who can you trust to come at you with a sharp, pointed object? Someone who at least likes you, that’s for sure. Someone who is not sick of being around you 24/7 would be preferable. Someone with a steady hand would be desirable if not essential, also. Artistic? Creative?  In a perfect world, those traits would be ideal. However, we’re not living in a perfect world.

There are alternatives. Learn how to braid your hair. YouTube has instructions. Acquire rubber bands for pig tails or ponytails. Buzz cut? Go ahead. Shave it all off. Remember when bald was beautiful?

If your barber doesn’t know what take a little off the top means and goes too far, try a wig or a hat. Color coordinate your hat with your mask and people will think you chose to shave you head. Why not? Tell anyone who asks that an evil virus could lurk in a beautiful head of hair. You’re thinking of their welfare as well as your own.

Regarding earlier questions:  No word yet whether bleach or Lysol works to prevent coronavirus, but we do know that hydroxychloroquine, the anti-malarial drug once recommended by the President, increases the risk of death, according to the Washington Post. It’s linked to serious cardiac problems.

We should have more answers soon. Our leaders are operating at warp speed, faster than light speed, which prompts the final question. Should you trust Mr. Trump or wait for Mr. Spock?

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