Come Again

“Don’t be afraid of Covid,” President Trump tweeted from the hospital on Monday, shortly before his return to the White House, now a Covid hotspot.

“Could you please repeat that, Sir. The 210,000 plus Americans who have died of the disease are having a bit of a problem hearing you. Their loved ones are raising such a ruckus over your remarks that they missed your brags, too.”

The president claims that his miraculous turn-around – no one is saying when he was diagnosed – is a result of the development of wonder drugs during his administration. Trump is taking Regeneron, an experimental anti-body, which he received even though its still in clinical trials, and Remdesiver. That antibody has not been approved by the FDA yet either. But hey, the Patient-in-Chief pulled some strings, so….

“I’ve learned a lot,” the president said during his tweet storm from Walter Reed Medical Center, where he was taken via helicopter on Friday. No word yet on whether that includes lessons about wearing a mask to avoid making others sick.

How many of the 1.04 million Americans who have contracted Covid-19 were flown to their doctors via helicopter? Or had a team of white coated doctors whose white lies matched their white coats treating them?

Speaking of that helicopter ride, we – American taxpayers picked up the tab for Trump’s ride and his treatment at Walter Reed. Remember, last week’s scandal: Trump does not always pay taxes.

Nearly all Americans who have come down with Covid had to pay their own medical bills, many while collecting unemployment. Donald Trump still has his job, but more than thirty million Americans are unemployed. Many have lost their health insurance.

Listen up, Mr. President. We have learned a lot too. Despite what you say we should remain afraid of Covid -19. Even more important: We should be very afraid of you.

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