Covid! Covid! Covid! Captain Covid’s Promise Falls Short

President Trump promised before the November 3rd election that the lame stream media would stop talking about the corona virus once the election was over. The President, now lame himself – lame duck, that is, lame and quacking – claimed that the media was involved in a conspiracy to beat him using the corona virus, a pandemic he dismissed as a hoax. Much has changed since then.

Records have been set. More Americans voted than ever before. President-elect Joe Biden received more votes than any other presidential candidate. Yes, Captain Covid received a record number of votes too, but less than Biden and far fewer electoral votes also, which makes Captain Covid the loser. The corona virus has remained in the headlines because records have been set there too.

According to NBC News, the United States surpassed more than 11 million Covid-19 cases on Sunday, Nov 15. The U.S. has recorded one million new cases this past week alone. More than 245,000 people have died. The virus is raging across the nation, forcing many governors to call for drastic action. New Mexico and Oregon are under lockdown.

What’s causing the surge? Many experts say it is the result of small gatherings. Families and friends, some asymptomatic but infected, getting together for meals, fellowship, family events, you name it. America is suffering from fatigue. We are sick of restrictions, quarantines, and masks. That we are all tired is understandable. What to do? Especially now that cold weather and the holidays are upon us.

Here in New Mexico, our Governor, Michelle Lujan Grisham, has limited gatherings to five people. There are a lot of extended families in our state, so that will dampen the Thanksgiving holidays. But the alternative is spending the Christmas holidays at home sick or in an overcrowded hospital where beds are now at a premium and caregivers are worn out, or, worse yet, leaving an empty chair at the family holiday dinner table forever.

The experts are calling on all of us to renew our efforts: wear masks, wash hands, practice social distancing, avoid gatherings where we might exchange more than holiday greetings and Christmas presents. Can we do it?

Captain Covid does not have to concede defeat. He lost. He is a loser. By the way, more than 130 Secret Service agents have been ordered to isolate or quarantine because they have tested positive or had close contact with infected co-workers. Where did they come down with Covid, Covid, Covid? At Captain Covid’s campaign rallies, where most of his supporters refused to wear “politically correct” masks.

Enough already. Spring is around the corner. A vaccine is on the horizon. The president-elect has already begun working on confronting the pandemic.

We have much to be grateful for this coming Thanksgiving. By working together, we can heal. We will.

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