Dang It All They’re Making a Come Back

Masks that is. Seems not enough people are willing to get a Fauci-Ouchie, in other words, get vaccinated against the coronavirus. As a result, cases are spiking among those who haven’t been vaccinated; some hospitals are filling up, and people are wondering whether to don those dreaded masks. Even worse, they’re wondering if America will have to shut down again. That fear caused the stock market to plunge more than seven hundred points one day this past week when those fears were whispered out loud.

Geez, just a few weeks ago, on the Fourth of July, America celebrated our near victory over the pandemic. I certainly joined the celebration. Here we are three weeks later, and I’m wearing my mask in the grocery store, where most of the other shoppers are wearing theirs also. St. Louis and Los Angeles recently ordered residents to wear masks indoors again.

The experts say the problem is the Delta-variant, which could be controlled if everyone in America would just roll up their sleeve and get a vaccine. Why won’t they I wondered? What’s with these anti-vaxxers?

Politics? Many of the Trump supporters still claim the pandemic is a hoax, perpetrated by demonic Democrats who stole the election from Donald Trump, our former President, the man who insisted the vaccine was a hoax. But if you happened to catch Covid-19, drink bleach. Trump, by the way, did come down with the virus. No word on whether he drank bleach, but he was vaccinated. Trump is claiming now that his administration is responsible for the miraculous development of vaccines during Operation Warp Speed.

That, by the way, is creating another problem.  Some experts fear semantics, in other words, using the term warp speed, scares some anti-vaxxers. Use positive words in your vaccine campaigns, they suggest.

 The cynic in me thinks the anti-vaxxers – the political ones – are afraid to get vaccinated because they’ve heard it alters your genetics. They’ll look like Democrats. You know WHO is a Democrat – Barack Obama.

That idea shouldn’t be dismissed. There is historical precedent for such thinking. Back in the late 1700’s, when Edward Jenner created his smallpox vaccine, there were similar outlandish thoughts. Jenner’s vaccine was derived from cowpox. Those anti-vaxxers claimed those who were vaccinated with cowpox would take on bovine characteristics, according to Dr. Paul Offit, director of the Vaccine Education Center at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. “You’d get a snout; you’d get a tail; you’d get floppy ears,” Offit said recently when asked about today’s anti-vaxxer B.S.

Oops! Probably a mistake to put it that way. The anti-vaxxers probably believe they’ll start doing that too creating cow paddies every time they unload. I’ve got news for them, they already are, and their actions or lack of action are hurting us all.

What should we do? Wear our masks now? ‘Fraid so. But, will we have to ask Santa to fill our stockings with new masks on Christmas Day? Please, someone say no, it ain’t so.

In the meantime, you BULL-HEADED anti-vaxxers out there, SHUT UP AND ROLL UP YOUR SLEEVES. There are worse things in life than looking like a Democrat. Looking dead is one of ‘em. Looking like a killer because you’re spreading a disease is even worse.

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