Don’t Touch That Box – Cooties!

Five point seven million Americans have tested positive for the corona virus. One hundred seventy-seven thousand have died. Countless thousands of school children are not starting school on time. Colleges have opened and closed. Millions are unemployed. People aren’t certain how or when to hold funerals. The corona virus has affected everyone in America. But there is a bigger problem.

President Trump warned America a few days ago that mail-in voting could result in the spread of the China flu, the president’s name for the corona virus, which he also refers to as a hoax. The boxes won’t be de-sanitized, Trump claims. His warning, issued on Twitter, prompted a warning from Twitter that the president’s claims were not based on facts.

But Doctor Feelgood doesn’t need facts. As a stable genius, our commander-in-chief can trust his gut. Data is for the other guy, the cheater. What does our president’s gut tell him?

The only safe boxes are those that have already been snatched by Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, who has been removing sorting machines and blue mailboxes, all of the hardware necessary to get the mail delivered on time, ahead of the election. He has been successful.  Untold thousands of postal customers have complained about poor mail delivery.

Those boxes are hidden away where they are safe from viruses, germs, cooties and Democrats—obvious cheaters, who will remove America’s guns, gods and way of life by removing the greatest American president ever – Donald Trump, a blockhead even bigger than Presidents: Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Roosevelt, the Mount Rushmore gang.

Doctor Feelgood did not cause the China flu, that’s true. According to Trump, the Chinese accomplished this by keeping the virus secret. As for the hoax, it was caused by the media, jealous of Trump. As an apprentice he had higher ratings than any of them. See how easy it is to point out the truth when you don’t bother with facts?

Anyway, postal hardware will not be returned, according to DeJoy. But he did tell a Congressional committee, investigating Postal Service complaints, that mail-in ballots will be delivered on time.

But, mail-in ballots will create fraud, fraud and more fraud according to the president. It will be a disaster said he. Dead people will vote.

“They’re using Covid-19,” Trump told delegates to the Republican Convention.

Just look at the numbers – that’s numbers not facts. As of today, August 24th, 2020, more than 177,000 Americans have died because of the coronavirus. How many of those are actually hoax victims is impossible to determine. But, if each and every of them, the dead people that is, gets a write-in ballot and the Democrats harvest them, which they’ll do, Trump could lose. LOSE in a RIGGED ELECTION!

So, it is easy to see why it’s essential to block mail-in voting. If we lose our Democracy, we lose our Democracy. At least we won’t be overrun by cheaters and cooties, spreading a foreign flu. Ask now what you can do for your country but what you can do for me. Who knows? That could lead the way to a third and fourth term presidency, Trump suggested to delegates chanting: “Four more years.”

“Chant twelve more years,” the president suggested. “That’ll drive ‘em crazy.”

Especially those Americans fighting for their lives, their loved ones, and their livelihood.

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