Grand Old Party?

On Thursday, January 7, 2021 America set a record. More than four thousand Americans died in the pandemic. The exact death count – 4,112 deaths. 280,000 new cases were reported. Thursday was America’s worst day of the pandemic.

Los Angeles, now considered the epicenter, is running out of oxygen to treat COVID-19 patients. Because of the over-crowding in LA medical facilities, ambulance crews have been authorized to play “God.” In other words, ration care if need be. If the patient does not look like he or she is going to make it, do not bring them to overcrowded hospitals. Funeral homes? Jammed packed too.

Oh, and a capitol police officer, Brian Sicknick, died because of injuries he received during the attempted coup at the U.S. capitol on Wednesday where a Trump mob tried to force Congress to award the presidency to the “rightful” winner. Officer Sicknick was hit in the head with a fire extinguisher by one of the mobsters, trying to force his way into the chambers. Mission: Arrest Vice President Pence. Possibly string him up; they did have a noose.

If that was not enough, on Friday the job figures were released. The U.S. lost 140,000 jobs in December, the most lost since last April.

But it turns out there is only one job in America that really matters – Donald Trump’s job. The U.S. Constitution, Democracy, our health, welfare, safety, freedoms, none of that matters. Not to Donald Trump, who wuz robbed. Just listen to his supporters. “Steal is real,” they chanted as they desecrated our Capitol and threatened our Democracy.

After the economic news was released on Friday, President Trump tweeted that he was not going to President-elect Joe Biden’s inaugural on January 20th. No party clothes, Donald? Afraid you will have to wear a mask? Or be arrested? Trump’s tweet claimed that people were asking if he was going to the party. Of course, he had to answer their question. Shortly afterwards, Donald Trump was banned from Twitter for fear that he would incite more violence.

Now he claims, Twitter has violated his Freedom of Speech. Tweeting seems to be far more important to Trump than doing the job he claims was stolen from him in a rigged election. He offered no sympathy to the family of the police officer killed protecting our Capitol from the mob Trump incited. He had nothing to say about the record number of Covid-19 deaths. Did not even blame the states, the way he usually does, for failing to vaccinate their citizens with “his” miracle vaccines, developed at “warp” speed by his administration, unfairly forced to deal with the China flu, a hoax really. And he had nothing to say about any job lost other than his. In his last Tweet, he promised supporters that together they would continue their journey to Make America Great.

I had hoped that once Trump was defeated, sanity would return to America. Together – we are, after all the United States of America – we could and would work to get the corona virus under control if not eradicated. At the same time, we would rebuild our economy. Also, we would work to reinforce our medical and health facilities devastated by the pandemic, something of interest to me. More important, we would work together to restore community and civility in the world’s oldest Democracy.

Instead, we watched an aborted coup, an insurrection led by an unruly band of trash, some with hidden weapons and bombs, who threatened our elected officials at the urging of Donald J. Trump, the candidate who LOST the presidential election.  

Attending the inaugural is a tradition symbolizing the peaceful transition of power in America. Trump will not be going, but his mobsters have announced online that they will attend.

One way or another, all of us have been touched by the pandemic, some of us hurt more than others, especially those who have lost their lives, loved ones or livelihoods. It is time to leave the loser behind and move on, get well, and restore sanity to our beleaguered nation. If only, right?

What will it take? Will Trump resign? Absolutely not. Be impeached? Probably, but not convicted. There isn’t time. Invoke the 25th Amendment, which would allow Vice President Pence to take over? Since he escaped being lynched by Trump’s mob, you would think he would support that. But, oh, no. Does the Grand Old Party now stand for grand old pussies? We’re talking kitty cats, skittish kittys. Obviously, Trump and his supporters think so.

May the Fates be with us as we suffer through the next few days.

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