Hamburgers and Hotdogs

Look ahead America! To hamburgers and hotdogs! To the Fourth of July when President Biden wants America to come together, celebrate our nation’s freedom at a cookout with family. By then most Americans will be vaccinated. The coronavirus corralled, hopefully, after a long and painful year filled with loss – lost loved ones, lost businesses, lost jobs, lost homes, and lost opportunities. A year on hold masked by pain. Finally, over – we hope.

But keep an eye on those hotdogs. Those meatheads guilty of neanderthal thinking, you know who you are. You insist the pandemic is a hoax, a plot by progressives and liberals determined to cancel your culture, drive you into bankruptcy while you are locked up. You are only allowed out if you are wearing a mask. A mask!

Many states have done away with their mask mandates. They have opened up, allowing their citizens to do what they want whenever they want without taking extra precautions to make certain the final days of the deathly pandemic are finally behind us. Texas is a good example of hotdogs sizzling on the grill, burning up.

What can the rest of us do? Build a wall, I say. That’s right, a wall, like the one the former president wanted to build along the U.S. Mexico border. This wall can be built on the border too – the Texas/New Mexico border, the Texas/Louisiana border, the Texas/Oklahoma border, and that touch of Arkansas that rubs shoulders with Texas.

Special volunteers, deputized for the emergency, could force the hotdogs to stop and be tested for Covid before they are allowed out. If they are negative, let the hot dogs out. Otherwise, tell ‘em: “No way. Stay put. We don’t want what you have.”

President Biden said the governors of the states that were dropping all restrictions to combat the pandemic just as America was about to turn the corner were guilty of neanderthal thinking. I agree. Just to make sure I looked up neanderthal.

The definition according to Google: A neanderthal is someone who is rude and not very smart. If your brother interrupts your garden party by spraying your guests with a hose (spittle is sprayed, too) you can call him a neanderthal. When neanderthal is spelled with a lower-case n, it means a cretin or dolt – a rough, mean and slightly foolish person.

After one year of lockdown, more than 534,000 Americans are dead. Worldwide, the death toll from Covid-19 is more than 2.65 million. Anyone who continues to insist this pandemic is a hoax is certainly a dolt, guilty of neanderthal thinking. If the hotdogs insist on celebrating now, only a few feet before the finish line, let ‘em. But keep those hotdogs, guilty of neanderthal thinking, away from me, please, at least until we can Make America Well Again.

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