Ho-Ho-Ho and a Boo Back at You

The holidays are right around the corner. Like most Americans, I’m getting prepared, especially for Halloween, only days away.

In years past, I’ve been a witch, which rhymes with b-t-h, a description many of my associates have used to describe me. This year is no different with one exception; I haven’t had a personality change, just a costume change.

Instead of wearing black, I’m wearing white, all white:  White coat over white scrubs with white socks and white shoes. Because this year I’m going to be an expert. And a boo back at you!

Of course, I’ll be wearing a mask and speaking out of both sides of my mouth exactly like the experts who are advising us now on what to do about Covid. This vaccine or that? Mix and match? Or stick with your first date? Pfizer loves me, loves me not; Moderna loves me more. Remember, I’m talking about vaccines only now. If you want to mix your costumes, go for it. I’m planning on riding my witch’s broom even though I’ll be wearing my Doctor Scared-Ya- Didn’t-I scrubs.

Back to mix and match vaccines: the experts are still scratching their heads. Do they have any hair left? You have to wonder. Anyway, can a Johnson & Johnson vaccine be topped off with a Moderna vaccine? Oops, we’re only supposed to get half a dose of Moderna, right? Can we get a booster? Are boosters just for people who are over 65, sick or overworked, like health care professionals? Cops are overworked, too, but many of them are threatening to walk off the job if vaccine mandates are required. Hey, these guys must wear masks now. They’re supposed to chase bad guys wearing masks. That’s bound to create confusion.

Confusion is the mood of the day, which is why I want to be an expert for Halloween. You don’t have to be precise to be an expert anymore or right. You can change your mind. Trick or Treat!

For example, Dr. Anthoney Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said last week that Americans should feel comfortable celebrating Halloween and other upcoming seasonal festivities. Earlier this month, Fauci said it was too soon to hope for a relatively normal holiday season. “We’ve got to concentrate on getting those numbers down,” he said.

The numbers are high. More than 726,000 people have died of Covid in the United States, according to a runny tally by NBC News.

The Centers for Disease Control on Friday, Oct. 15th, issued a statement calling on Americans to celebrate the holidays by taking precautions. Decorate the tree with empty vaccine vials and old masks? Ho-Ho-Ho. Sorry I’m being sarcastic now. What the CDC wants is for more Americans to get vaccinated, get their kids vaccinated, and take other necessary safety precautions. So far, more than 188 million people twelve and older have been fully vaccinated. That’s 56.7 percent of the total population, according to the CDC.

Will those Americans, including many police officers who are reluctant to get vaccinated, change their minds if the experts continue to offer conflicting advice?  It’s not the experts’ fault that many of these people are refusing to get vaccinated. There is such a thing as stupid and stubborn. But the uncertainty and conflicting advice just add to the fear, frustration and anger that has gripped our nation for too long.

Will the Easter Bunny have to wear a mask? Surely, we can get this under control by Spring, April Fool’s Day at least.

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