It’s the White House not a Motel Six

In less than a year, nearly 400,000 Americans have died because of the coronavirus. In fact, the death toll jumped from 300,000 to 400,000 in just over a month. Operation Warp Speed, created to develop and deliver vaccines, has derailed for a variety of reasons, including crashing head-on into a wall of lies.

Where are the extra vaccines promised to the states? Not there according to angry state officials taken in by the Trump Administration’s warped promises. Lies can travel at warp speed too, faster even than vaccines.

Those of us waiting to hear when and where we can be vaccinated are frustrated and angry. Still quarantined we are watching too much TV. The news is dismal. Trump allies are selling pardons. Trump staffers are walking out of the White House with souvenirs, including a bust of Abraham Lincoln. Hey, it’s the White House not a Motel Six. Not that there is anything wrong with a Motel Six, mind you. But people do walk out of hotels and motels with items that do not belong to them.

Why Abraham Lincoln? Isn’t there a bust of Benedict Arnold? What does Trump plan to do with his new bust? Tell Abe that he, Donald J. Trump, did more for African Americans than any other president, including the man who freed the slaves? Hard to say what is real and not real anymore even though we have watched it all on reality TV.

Like most Americans, I am sick and tired of the absurdity. There is no reason why a dangerous public health issue could not have been addressed with sensible plans and measures.  But oh, no, not under the greatest president ever. Under Trump’s leadership, we have lost lives, jobs, businesses, and savings. We have buried our dead using Zoom funerals or left them in refrigerated trucks until their bodies could be taken care of. We have watched family and friends take their last breaths alone.

All the while, the greatest President ever, greater even than Lincoln, now a bust, has insisted that the coronavirus, a global pandemic, one he contracted himself, is a hoax, a Chinese hoax at that. Probably part of the plot designed to steal the White House out from under him.

Enough. Moving day is on the horizon. All we need is a shaman with a smudge stick ready in the shadows to remove the cooties from the White House. That’s cooties not booty in a swag bag on its way to Florida.

President-elect Joseph Biden has a plan to combat the pandemic. Biden will ask Congress for 415 billion dollars to scale up testing, vaccinations, and domestic manufacturing. He wants to increase genomic surveillance and create a national corps of public health workers.

Will Congress agree? Many Republican members, calling for healing out of one side of their mouths, still believe or say they believe, like too many Americans, that the election was stolen.

But the Democrats did win both houses. So, Biden has a chance to get approval for his plan, which also calls for vaccine distribution by the National Guard on duty elsewhere right now.

Some 25,000 National Guard troops are in our nation’s capital, under orders to prevent a second insurrection, so President-elect Joseph R. Biden, the winner of a fair presidential election, can be sworn in.

Who would have believed this could happen in the United States of America, the world’s oldest Democracy?  Had we watched more reality TV, would we have seen it coming?

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