Knock It Out, Mr. Clean!

I just completed a novel. Dead Cat Bounce is a latter-day Cain and Able thriller centered on greed and health care. Just as I wrapped up my work, the corona-virus hit, bringing America and much of the globe to a standstill.

Certainly, the virus is pointing out problems in our health care system along with our economy, two of my favorite subjects. Let’s see what’s happening.

On Friday, world leaders pledged to accelerate work on discovering tests, drugs and vaccines that could combat Covid-19, the nasty virus that is killing hundreds of thousands of people world-wide and threatening the Trump presidency. World Health Organization leaders say this information will be shared with nations around the globe. Instead of participating, like Germany, France and other nations, the United States is taking a pass according to Reuters, the British news gathering organization.

Why, I wondered? President Trump is mad at WHO: Claims they kept corona-virus secrets while he played golf. But could there be other reasons?

Is it because he’d prefer to throw the kitchen sink at the disease? President Trump did suggest that very same day that disinfectants and light might be used to cleanse the lungs and cure the disease. Those disinfectants include bleach and alcohol. He directed his experts, one of whom is a dog breeder, to investigate that. Hey, if you breed dogs, you deal with bugs: fleas and ticks. A virus is a bug.

Health officials quickly raised their voices, warning Americans not to swallow bleach, alcohol, light bulbs, or Trump’s advice. Even Lysol warned that their product was designed for toilets not lungs or tongues for that matter. And, on Friday, the FDA advised against using an anti-malarial drug favored by the president to treat coronavirus.

Now Trump is back tracking, claims he was just being sarcastic and funny. Was he really being sarcastic?  Or is he afraid that the hoaxers, a.k.a. Dems and the Lame Stream media, are after him again? Any fool knows that in today’s economy what’s under the kitchen sink is much, much more affordable, not to mention accessible, than what’s in the medicine cabinet, which often requires a doctor’s prescription.

The president may be more than a funny guy; he may be on to something. Rather than spit-balling various theories to knock out the pandemic, which is what his aides claim Trump is doing, why doesn’t the president prove his theory?

Chug-a-lug, any jug – alcohol or bleach. Bottoms up, Mr. Clean. America is waiting and watching.

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