Mask That Dog

Had a chat today with a cousin in another state, one of the red states where voting is becoming more difficult, and masks are not required. Cuz told me that she heard that dogs, family pets, are getting the coronavirus, specifically one of the variants, possibly the British variant, which is called B.1.1.7. Right, B as in Bowzer.

We wondered for a second what would happen if dogs were required to wear masks. Seems impossible, but we muzzle dogs to keep them from biting us and each other. Masking them could keep Bowzer from making us sick especially with one of those variants, one of those dangerous double mutants that scare us to death when reported in the media. RUN! EEK MUTATION FOUND IN U.S. By the way, EEK is a real variant.

Even the vaccines are scaring people, although not all of them are causing fatal blood clots, like the vaccine that killed six people out of the millions who received it. Cuz told me she’s not getting one, a vaccine that is, not yet anyway; she’s waiting ‘til we know more about the vaccines.

What should we do? I checked with Dr. Google. Yes, Bowzer can get Covid-19, usually from his or her owner. But “Bowz” does not die from the disease or get that sick, according to Dr. Google. Pets do not give the disease to their owners. What about those bats that may have caused the pandemic? That is still being investigated. Plus, my dog does not fly or hang upside down.

Today, Saturday, April 17th, 2021, the world’s Covid 19 death toll surpassed three-million people. Surges are reported in other nations, and here in the U.S. where some states like Michigan are hard hit. There is still talk of shut-downs, lockdowns, and quarantines. Will the Olympics take place next fall in Japan?

Which begs the question: what should we do? Get vaccinated. My cousin told me not being vaccinated would only hurt her. Not true. She is running the risk of becoming infected and infecting others, including her dogs.

I have been vaccinated. If there is a booster required, I will get it. It is my best chance of avoiding Covid-19 and the variants loose in the world and in the media. Too often when reported the variants become what one official described as “scariants.” That happens when the variants are demonized following exposure to headlines, teases, and other tricks of the journalistic trade. The audience, of course, bears responsibility also for this mass hysteria, a side effect of the pandemic. F.Y.I: The most common variant found in the U.S. is the British variant, B.1.1.7. My source: The New York Times.

No vaccine is completely foolproof, according to the Times. Frankly, I think the coronavirus and its mutations are anything but foolish; this virus seems diabolically clever to me, determined to survive and remain alive. However, the vaccines we have available are preventing most breakthrough cases of Covid caused by the variants.

Research indicates those who come down with Covid caused by variants have done so because they have not been vaccinated or have not passed the 14-day period following their second vaccine. In other words, they were exposed before they were considered safe.

“The vaccines protect you, so get vaccinated,” said Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease specialist. “If you are around other vaccinated people, you shouldn’t worry about it at all. Zero.”

That way Bowzer will not have to worry either or wear a mask. But, for the time being, you should keep your mask on after being vaccinated especially while walking your dog. He’ll thank you by wagging his healthy and happy tail.

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