Reindeer Droppings

I’d rather get a stocking full of reindeer droppings for Christmas – nothing personal Donner – than wear a mask for another year to protect myself from the corona virus. Ashes and switches would be more desirable gifts than spending another year in pandemic mode. A big box, gift wrapped, filled with ashes, switches – and yes, go ahead and put the reindeer droppings in – would be better than another year of the corona virus. I’m sick of it. I know I’m not alone.

Now we have the omicron variant along with omigawd more hysteria just in time for Christmas. We’re supposed to be counting the shopping days we have left before Christmas. We’re supposed to be caroling, keeping an eye out for Santa. Is he going to wear a mask? What about the reindeer? Will Donner, Blitzen, and the rest of the gang, including Rudolph, have to wear masks also?

Instead of counting shopping days, we’re counting nations and states. Here in the U.S., according to NBC News on Friday, December 3, six more U.S. states confirmed their first cases of the Covid-19 omicron variant. They are New Jersey, Maryland, Missouri, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, and Utah. Officials in New York City are trying to track down a man who tested positive for the variant and attended a conference there with more than 50,000 other people. World-wide, the omicron variant has been detected in thirty-eight different countries since it was first detected in South Africa late last month.

In the meantime, the other variant, the Delta variant, is continuing to sicken and kill people everywhere. Rochelle Walensky, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, told NBC News that there are about 90,000 new cases in the U.S. and “right now, 99.9 percent of them still are the delta variant.”

Here in New Mexico, where I live, The Santa Fe New Mexican reported on Friday, December 3, that virus cases and hospitalizations are spiking. The state’s daily numbers of new cases have swelled to a level not seen since late 2020 when closures were widespread, and vaccines were not yet available. New Mexico recorded 2,054 more cases as of Thursday, December 2, as well as fourteen additional deaths, according to the state health department. Officials are not looking forward to what the remainder of December will bring.

Many of the people coming down with the new variant, the omicron, are getting sick despite having been vaccinated. Those coming down with the delta variant haven’t been vaccinated according to NM state officials. My state may require more mandatory vaccines in the coming days.

On a personal note, my sister, who lives in a small town in Colorado, just called to tell me about another death there, bringing the death toll in this tiny town to twenty in the last few months. This most recent death was an individual who had not been vaccinated. None of the people in this small Colorado town who died recently had been vaccinated apparently. I spent a few minutes talking to a neighbor a short time ago. My friend told me that another neighbor just sold her house. She’s moving to Mexico. Why? She doesn’t want to be vaccinated. Bueno, bye, said I.

These individuals who are insisting on protecting their freedom by avoiding vaccines are endangering all of us. Quarantine and freedom are not synonymous. A box full of reindeer droppings would be merrier than dealing with another lockdown, especially during the holidays. Donner, listen up, see what kind of greeting you can drop right on their heads.

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