Safe or Sorry

Two events taking place in Texas in the coming weeks are presenting problems. Why? That state has become a delta variant surge center. People are dying or being rushed to overcrowded hospitals, where they’re taking up space needed for other health issues. According to health officials, most of these people, and kids are included now, too, have not been vaccinated for the corona virus. Many of them are anti-vaxxers.

As a result, I’m afraid to go to Texas, afraid to cross the Red River. Why? I don’t want to die because I no longer know who to trust.

I was invited to a memorial service to honor a woman who died during the pandemic but not from the virus. She’s not still above ground: her family worried about running out of ice. No, this woman, let’s call her, Paige, was cremated shortly after her death in October of 2020. Her husband, let’s call him, Peter, wanted to invite friends and relatives to a special memorial after the pandemic to celebrate his wife’s life and work. Paige was an artist. Peter made reservations for an event to be held at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin, Texas.

Then the delta variant surge began. The governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, a man believed to be eager to take Donald Trump’s place as the darling of the deplorables, refused to take precautions that would prevent the spread of this nasty mutation, believed to be more contagious than the original virus. What to do, Peter wondered?

When he talked to family members, Peter learned that not everyone had been vaccinated. Indeed, one nephew – the deceased’s favorite nephew – had not. Why? Well, Michael, not his real name either, was trying to stay on his wife’s good side. Seems Michael’s wife had become an Evangelical and didn’t believe in vaccines or the disease. “All a hoax,” said she. Which begs the question: Do these people think Donald Trump is bigger than Jesus?

Michael told Peter the truth and begged Peter not to tell anyone. Of course, Peter immediately told another family member who told me. All of us – me, my source, and Peter wondered how many others are wondering around unvaccinated, in danger of spreading the variant to others. Most of these people refuse to wear masks also.

The Bible clearly states: Thou shalt not kill. It’s right up there, one of the Ten Commandments, the word of God, right?

If you knowingly or unknowingly pass the virus on to someone who is vulnerable, like me, are you guilty of manslaughter or murder? In my opinion, at the very least you are a potential serial killer.

Peter postponed the event. It will be held next Spring in Austin. Shortly afterward, I decided not to attend a writers’ conference in Austin because of this incident and a few more.

I learned that one of my nephews had refused to get vaccinated. Neph recently changed jobs and had to take a test to keep the new job. The vaccine might make him sick, causing him to fail the test. Corona virus could make him sicker, possibly kill him. Hey, dead is unemployed too. Again, I wondered who can you trust?

In the meantime, an Austin school superintendent reported that an irate parent had ripped off a teacher’s mask. Oh, the governor has issued a mandate refusing to allow state schools to order students or teachers to wear masks. Some school districts are adding masks to their dress code to get around that.

In Dripping Springs, a town not far from Austin, a flasher appeared before the school board and stripped in support of masks. He left his shorts on so there’s no word on whether he masked his private parts.

INSANE. ALL OF THIS IS INSANE. The corona virus is not a hoax; it’s a disease. One that can be prevented by taking a few simple measures – get vaccinated and wear a mask. And you can keep your clothes on too.

Those anti-vaxxers who are refusing to get their shots because it might change their genetic make-up might want to rethink that issue. A change in their genes might benefit all of us.

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