Tracking Anti-Vaxxers

Despite surges around the nation, the numbers for corralling the corona virus are good. Fifty-point-one million Americans have been vaccinated. That is fifteen-point-one percent of the total U.S. population according to NPR. Would public radio lie?

On Thursday, 3-25-21, President Biden announced a new goal – two hundred million vaccines given within Biden’s first hundred days in office. Achievable?

As of Friday, 3-26-21, one hundred million vaccines had been given within the first fifty-nine days of the President’s term in office. On average, two point five million vaccines are being given per week. Those numbers come from CNBC. Is the media still lying? Some people think so.

There are a lot of Anti-Vaxxers out there. Information regarding how bad the Covid vaccines can be is all over the internet. Would social media lie? Some people think so.

The technician who gave me my booster jab – that is the technical term for the second vaccine – was still angry at the last arm she jabbed before I showed up for my second Moderna shot. Seems the 80-year-old man told the tech that his granddaughter had advised him to skip the vaccine so he could live to be 90 for sure but maybe a 100. All he had to do was keep his shirt on and stay away from the vaccine.

“What are they afraid of?” I asked.

“They think we’re installing microchips in their bodies,” she replied as she jabbed me.

If there was a microchip in that needle it went all the way to the bone. The tech then directed me to sit in an open area for fifteen minutes.

“Making sure the microchip is working?” I asked as I stood up.

“No, we’re checking for allergic reactions,” she said, glaring at me.

By the time I got home I wanted to know why the Anti-Vaxxers were so worried about microchips. Google follows us. We are all warned about cookies when we access a website. This is the Age of Big Brother and his name is Chip. 1984 – Plus.

This I learned. Seems there is a history of anti-vaccinations going back to the late 1700s when the smallpox vaccine was developed. According to Dr. Paul Offit, director of the Vaccine Education Center at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, many people feared that the smallpox vaccine, derived from cowpox, would give them bovine characteristics.

“You’d get a snout, you’d get a tail, you’d get floppy ears,” Dr. Offit said.

B.S. That is the stuff of cow paddies, I thought, knowing that I had not uttered a single moo since I got my smallpox vaccine as a child. As for ears and a tail, well……. bullheaded is still going around. Herd immunity? Should we stop using that term I wondered.

Doctor Offit added that many are afraid the covid vaccine will change their genetics. Make ‘em smarter, I wondered.

Then I read that 49 percent of the men who voted for Donald Trump were refusing to take the vaccine even though the former President encouraged them to get the vaccine. Afraid it would turn them into Democrats, I wondered. Trump used to be a Democrat, a registered, card carrying Democrat. They had a legitimate worry. They could end up two-faced.

Some Anti-Vaxxers are afraid that the vaccine will make them infertile, Dr. Offit pointed out. Well, more female Trump supporters are getting the vaccine than males. The women may not want to get in bed with partners who could make them sick, even macho guys who refuse to wear masks. Can you blame them?

Where will this all lead? To a permanent Democratic takeover? Maybe if we tell the Anti-Vaxxers that the Dems are taking over, they will roll up their sleeves and take their medicine like the rest of us. Until then, I am going to rely on my new microchip, it keeps me and my cookies company without uttering a single beep, melodious or obnoxious, and Mikey doesn’t need batteries.

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