Two Old White Men Who Dye Their Hair Winners or Losers?

President Trump’s Cousin Rudy continues to embarrass America with his “My Cousin Vinny” act performed regularly in courtrooms across America, where Trump is challenging the vote count. Cousin Rudy has not performed as well as his fellow New Yorker, Cousin Vinnie, who won his case in the 1992 movie.

So far, attorney Rudy Giuliani and his Elite Strike Force team have lost every court challenge they have attempted in their effort to block President-Elect Joe Biden from taking office on January 20, 2021. The team’s legal endeavors are not unlike their client’s effort to be re-elected president. Yes, Donald, you lost. Your lawyer is a loser too. This is a democracy not an authoritarian playpen.

Trying to get only white votes counted will not work. Just ask the federal judge in Pennsylvania who wrote in no uncertain terms that Cousin Rudy’s latest attempt to get all but white votes thrown out was clearly unconstitutional. Quite racist, too, I might add. And Donald Trump says he has done more for African Americans than anyone but Abraham Lincoln.

What does this have to do with health care? Plenty. While Rudy sweats hair dye in front of the cameras, and the president plays golf, his lovely, dyed hair covered up by a hat, more Americans are contracting Covid-19 and dying. That includes people of color who are contracting the disease in greater numbers.

The numbers are grim and getting grimmer. As of today, November 22, there have been 12-million cases in the U.S. according to MSNBC, more than 200,000 cases of corona virus are diagnosed each day as the virus continues to spike. And, 2,000 Americans are dying each day, bringing our total to more than 256,000 deaths. All of this has taken place during the “Toddler-in-Chief’s” term as president of the United States. No figures are available for the exact number of tantrums thrown by Trump since November 3, nor are there figures readily available on how many lies he’s told.

Yes, there are vaccines on the horizon, one is being tested now by the FDA. The Pfizer vaccine may be available before the end of the year. The details of the distribution are being kept secret from the incoming Biden administration’s transition team because the “Toddler-in-Chief” insists he won. Besides, the virus is a hoax. Word of the new vaccine was not released until after Trump lost. That was deliberate, according to Cousin Rudy, a result of conspiracies and conspirators out to get Trump, including one perpetuated by Hugo Chavez, a former president of Venezuela, long dead.

No, the dead men and women who worked against Trump’s re-election bid are the victims of Covid-19. Pollsters also learned that economics played a part too. The current economic downturn, a result of shutdowns ordered to stop the spread of the virus, influenced most voters. We can conclude that a pandemic, that’s PAN-DEMIC, not hoax, brought down the “Toddler-in-Chief” in a fair election.

 Here we are a few days before Thanksgiving. We are being asked to cancel travel plans or plans for large gatherings. Have Thanksgiving at home with immediate family. Those of us who are lucky will be able to do just that. Give thanks with loved ones.

But too many of us will be celebrating the holiday with only memories of loved ones lost during the pandemic. Hopefully, the sweeter memories will overshadow the sadness and pain at least on Thanksgiving.

Those of us who are blessed with turkey on Thanksgiving, should look for the wishbone. Wish for a return of health, happiness, and sanity. Write a letter to Santa if necessary. There’s still time for common sense and compassion to make an appearance before the holiday season when we traditionally celebrate Peace on Earth and Goodwill to all.

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