Wake Up America!

Deliverance from the Demon Semen is around the corner if America postpones the election, the Presidential Election, which could leave a sickened America exposed to alien attack.

“With Universal mail-in voting (not absentee voting which is good), 2020 will be the most inaccurate & fraudulent election in history. It will be a great embarrassment to the USA. Delay the election until people can properly, securely and safely vote.” President Trump suggested in a tweet.

Is America too sick to vote? The President didn’t say. He did say in another tweet that America is vulnerable. “Mail-in voting is an easy way for foreign countries to enter the race.”

Does he mean aliens? Like the aliens that let the China flu spread beyond their borders. Seal that envelope at your own risk. Lick a stamp? Not on your life.

The good Dr. Stella Immanuel told America that the Demon SPERM is responsible for our problems. Sperm, germ, demon, semen. Germs are kind of like viruses, aren’t they? Hibernate or Vaccinate? Does it matter? Mail-in voting will just make it worse. That’s a fact said President Trump.

Another fact: as of 8/2/2020 – 157,000 plus Americans have died from Covid-19.

But more Americans are in danger of bad medical treatment that uses alien DNA, according to Dr. Immanuel, who appeared with other white coats on the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court, touting the benefits of hydroxychloroquine in the treatment of Covid-19. Masks and government shutdowns don’t work the assembled white coats said. Her performance resulted in a retweet by President Trump.

Immanuel, in a brief interview with the Houston Chronicle, claimed that people who say hydroxychloroquine doesn’t work are lying. That includes Dr. Anthony Fauci, one of the nation’s top infectious disease experts.

“Fauci, you are lying. You know it. Americans are dying and you are playing Russian roulette with their lives,” Immanuel tweeted.

Fauci has noted that in multiple clinical trials the drug has proven to be ineffective in treating Covid-19 and can trigger heart rhythm problems. President Trump insists that he’s taken the drug and has had no problems. Critics doubt the president has a heart.

Dr. Immanuel claims she has treated over 250 Covid patients with HCQ, zpack and zinc. “No deaths. All these double-binded studies sponsored by big Pharma is fake science,” Immanuel posted on July 17, referring to Big Pharma. “We have not lost a patient yet,” she told the Chronicle.

Immanuel really is a doctor; she’s licensed to practice medicine in Texas and Louisiana, where she’s being sued for malpractice. One of Immanuel’s patients died of a flesh-eating disease. The patient’s family is suing Immanuel, the Chronicle reported.

Drugs are not the only tools the good doctor has in her black bag. Immanuel also leads a church, the Fire Power Ministries, located on the west side of Houston. There she focuses on deliverance: rescues from evil spirits or demons who sleep with men and women, sickening them in their dreams. Women can end up pregnant, with cysts, or fibroids. Men often end up impotent after sex with a demon. Yes, she treats men that can’t get it up. In other words, losers?

How would the good doctor treat a loser. Exorcism? Exorcism: an expulsion or attempted expulsion of a supposed evil spirit from a person or place. Sister Immanuel would have to return to Washington, D.C. This time head for 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Maybe she could cast a spell that would deliver us from evil.

On the other hand, we could cast ballots instead of spells. Wake up America! An election, a Presidential Election, could deliver us from evil.

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