What to Wear? And Other Important Questions Plaguing Our Leaders

Who is that masked man? Vice President Mike Pence. The vice president wore a mask after criticism following his bare faced trip to the Mayo Clinic, where he visited with blood donors, a typically sterile procedure. Pence claims no one at the clinic told him the hospital required masks. His staff backed him up. Clinic officials claim they did tell the vice president that the Minnesota campus required masks.

Just another “he said – he said” accusation, or is there more to this what to wear issue?

The vice president wore a mask to a General Motors facility in Indiana, which also requires masks, although manufacturing products is not a normally sterile operation, like say, brain surgery. Just because he wore a mask to GM doesn’t mean Pence will wear a mask everywhere, he goes. Certainly not yet because many unanswered questions remain regarding masks.

If a mask is not simply a mask, what is it? A fashion statement? A political statement? Or protective gear, a preventative measure engineered to thwart tiny germs that could be anywhere and everywhere. A mask is also a handy device used to mask identities. Bandits and criminals, for example, often don masks, so no one will recognize them.

Pence chairs the Presidential Task Force on the coronavirus. That’s the same task force ordered by President Trump to investigate ingesting bleach and disinfectants to combat the virus. No word yet on how that would work. or if the president has had a dose. But the task force has recommended that people wear masks to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

However, Pence’s boss, the president, said the mask thing is voluntary. He has no intention of wearing one. Trump can’t see himself greeting kings and queens, prime ministers, heads of states and dictators wearing a mask. Hey, he’s not a bandit; he didn’t steal the election. He’s the greatest president of the greatest nation; he must be recognized as such. Trump will do what he’s always done: wear a thick sheet of orange pancake make-up when he meets other leaders or the American public.

After all, a man with a glowing complexion – Trump has great genes, he said so himself – should be able to show off how good he looks on the latest episode of The Apprentice.

During a lockdown, anything goes. Several of Trump’s supporters, all claiming to be under an illegal house arrest because of the coronavirus, showed up at the Michigan State Capital in Lansing without masks but wearing the 2nd Amendment. Bearing arms, automatic weapons, and carrying Confederate flags and nooses, the patriots demanded that they be free to catch and spread the coronavirus. Several Michigan lawmakers wore bullet proof vests.

As of this writing, 1.15 million Americans have been diagnosed with the coronavirus. 66, 426 have died from a virus no one can see or shoot. We’re still waiting for answers.

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