Suspense Novel Finished

Dead Cat Bounce


CREW KNOWLTON has only one chance left to raise the money needed to pay for his wife’s urgent cancer treatment. But it’s dicey. Crew must kidnap his estranged brother on the golf course, demand and receive a ten-million-dollar ransom, and return to his wife’s bedside within thirty hours or SHEILA KNOWLTON will die.

DIRK KNOWLTON, a hedge fund king, is a billionaire many times over, having fattened his portfolio by evading taxes, skimming, and cheating clients.

As Crew and his gang sneak onto the 11th hole of a Houston golf course, a separate caper gets underway. Dirk’s second-in-command, ALEXANDER HANSBERRY, and Dirk’s son, WARREN KNOWLTON, trigger a multi-billion-dollar heist, looting the hedge fund. Hansberry orders Dirk’s body guards to assassinate him.

The embezzlers, including Dirk’s immediate family, refuse to pay the ransom. Using the kidnapping to their advantage, Hansberry tells the FBI that Dirk faked his own kidnapping to swindle his clients and bilk the hedge fund.

Desperate to save his company and himself, Dirk suggests a deal. If Crew will confess to the kidnapping, Dirk can collect on his kidnap insurance. He’ll pay for Sheila’s medical care. Crew realizes the deal is a ruse. Worse yet, he learns that Dirk plans to kill him to prevent the FBI from discovering Dirk’s theft of client funds. To survive, Crew must kill Dirk first.

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