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Santa Fe Weird

Buick Grill

Another trip down Cerrillos Road this past week turned up more quirky art. Where? At the car wash. Squeaky Clean Car Wash at 3931 Cerrillos Road has two interesting pieces on display right out front.

Some might argue that the front end of a 1950-ish Buick is not art. Others would disagree. Granted this Buick is missing some vital components like the engine and the other half of the car. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or, in this case, the grill. Most of us have seen pictures of old Buicks. The grills resembled demonic grins or teenagers wearing braces – old fashioned braces that that resembled a mouth full of aluminum foil or the front end of a Buick.

It’s difficult to ascertain the on this colorful jalopy. A check of the Internet indicated that it could be a Buick Super, or a Buick Series 40 or one of the models in the Buick Century Series.

During that search I discovered that one can purchase Buick grills on the Internet. Where would you put one? It’s a little big for a coffee table, but a Buick grill would be a nice addition to the waiting room of a dentist’s office. Garage art? Man cave? That’s what one entrepreneur with grills for sale suggested. Of course, a car wash is a good location.

Maybe this one doesn’t have the horse power to giddy up, but Squeaky Clean does have horsepower on hand.

Horse Power

This horse used to be on display on Governor Miles Road, where I admired the proud stallion wearing a red saddle blanket every time I drove by. When he disappeared, I missed him. I was delighted when I found the pony at the corner of Cerrillos and Zafarano.

Santa Fe is a treasure trove of interesting art, objet d’art, and what some would describe as junk, but trash or treasure the hunt is fun.

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