Jurassic Park

Santa Fe Weird


Here in Santa Fe, you can find the most fascinating things in places where you least expect them.  For example, on Cerrillos Road, there’s a bit of Jurassic Park – really. While driving down that busy road one afternoon, Kyle and I spotted a Tyrannosaurus Rex. I promised Kyle we’d come back for a closer look.




Look at me.

When we returned to Arte Tlaxcalteca, 3500 Cerrillos Road, we discovered a number of fun critters. We headed for the T-Rex first. The rust colored creature displayed a mouth full of teeth that only a dentist could love.

“Bite to eat?” I asked.

He growled. Sounded like a yes to me, so we moved on – quickly. Out of sight. Out of mouth.

We found a rather sweet Brontosaurus among the herd of animals. Based on the expression on the critter’s face, I decided she was probably female and dubbed her Dina.

Sweet Pea

My favorite is the little guy, the Ankylosaurus. What a colorful little character. I called him Andy.

The dinosaurs have been crafted from sheet metal at a location in Baja California. They’re looking for a home. What I would give to put a couple in my front yard, especially Andy, who reminded me of my dog, Kyle.

Fun Guy

But, and this is a big but. The covenants in my subdivision might prevent me from turning my front yard into Jurassic Park II. Why, I wondered?

This is America, Land of the Free. Home of the AR-15, where every school kid needs their Kevlar vest as well as their lunch money before they leave home in the morning. Surely, I can have a dinosaur or two.

Better check your covenants the salesman advised. Sure enough. No dinosaurs allowed. Not in my neighborhood, where yard art is regulated. But I can have an AR-15. Wow, knowing that leaves me breathless.

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