What’s that Sound?

Santa Fe Weird


The lyrics of the old Buffalo Springfield song, “For What It’s Worth,” have never seemed more appropriate, particularly the third stanza…

There’s battle lines being drawn

Nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong

Young people speakin’ their minds

Getting so much resistance from behind

(lyrics by Stephen Stills)

Kyle and I headed down to the second women’s march in Santa Fe. Nothing weird about a march in Santa Fe, a city filled with activists.

The march this year echoed the National Women’s March organization’s “Power to the Polls” theme. The ambiance: perfect for our times. It was a cold, gray day. As the march began, the sun made a cameo appearance. The marchers weren’t expecting fire and fury from the winter sun, but the sunshine did provide light which warmed the soul, at least, for many but not all.

Even though the Federal government had shut down, adding to the chill, the U.S. Constitution, which guarantees our hard-won freedoms, was on the job, in good working order, a living, breathing collection of ideals – subject to interpretation, of course, but basically guaranteed rights we take for granted now: Freedom of Speech, the Right to Assemble, the Right to Address Our Grievances.

So, we marched, chanted, waved signs, vowed to take our passion to the polls, where we’ll grab ‘em by the mid-terms, a play on the Access Hollywood tape exposed during the 2016 Presidential campaign. That tape birthed the pink pussy hats which dominated the scene during the first march protesting the Presidential election.

Many wore the hats again this year. Kyle didn’t because he’s a dog not a cat, which brings me to a sore point. “Nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong.” We’re not listening to each other anymore.

What’s the sound of not listening? Silence? Could be unless everyone is shouting at one another. Then the sound of not listening is cacophony or dissonance. You can’t always hear yourself think when that happens.

Pussy footing in Pussyhat

Sometimes arguments are necessary. Sometimes they’re flat weird, like the argument over whether it’s politically correct – inclusive or exclusive – to wear pussyhats.

What about people without pussys, some critics argued? I don’t have a pussy. I have Kyle. He doesn’t have a pussy. He has me. A human.

While the arguments over the hats grew in volume, the President’s re-election campaign released an TV ad, implying that the Democratic Party is complicit in murders committed by illegal aliens. This is a nation of immigrants. Wow!

What’s the sound of not listening? Dogs barking? Police sirens? Gunfire? A tweet?

Is listening essential in a Democracy where freedom of speech is guaranteed? Not really but what’s the point if you don’t listen. Hear yourself?

What’s that sound?

Battle lines being drawn.

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