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Santa Fe Weird


When filmmakers think location, location, location, Santa Fe remains high on the list. According to MovieMaker, a trade publication, Santa Fe is still ranked Number 3 on the list of small cities. Savannah, Georgia and New Orleans are ranked ahead of Santa Fe. Pittsburgh and Cincinnati are number four and five respectively. Santa Fe has been in the top three for the past four years.

Eric Witt, executive director of the Santa Fe Film Festival, told the Albuquerque Journal that Santa Fe’s ranking and Albuquerque’s, which earned MovieMaker’s Number 1 designation for big cities, means New Mexico is a leader in the film industry.

The state offers film companies a 25 percent tax rebate for most direct in-state expenditures. Long running TV shows are eligible for an additional five percent. The rankings were announced as state lawmakers debated whether to raise or completely lift the cap. Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham wants the cap lifted, arguing that it would bring in more film business. Others wonder if that’s fiscally responsible.

The rankings are compiled after considering each city’s film activity, including number of productions and economic activity generated and shoot durations. Infrastructure is also considered. That includes that health of film commissions and non-profits, the number of film schools and visual effects houses. Population and geographical size as well as traffic and ease of movement are also considered.

According to MovieMaker, Emmys won by Netflix’s Godless will bolster Santa Fe’s reputation. Moreover, the ranking could help local writers interested in networking.

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